Friday Focus: Google Plus Shutdown

Have you heard?! Google Plus is shutting down! The private information of up to 500,000 users was discovered to be vulnerable so they are taking action. Google did not inform its users when they found out about the issue in March because nobody had accessed the information yet.

Basically, there was a glitch that allowed outside developers to have access to sensitive information. Google states that it found no evidence of outside developers getting any information from this bug.

The New York Times said “Google said it had found no evidence that outside developers were aware of the security flaw and no indication that any user profiles were touched. The flaw was fixed in an update made in March.”

Google Plus has often been called an orphan child that has a tiny but loyal group of users. It was Google’s way of trying to keep up with Facebook. Although it did not grow to have the huge loyal following that Facebook does it was still used. The small group of loyal users will be sad to see it go.

It is good to be an informed internet user to make sure your information is secure! We want to know, were you a loyal Google Plus user?