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Bold, Beautiful Projects

We don’t build ordinary websites.  We strive to push boundaries, break barriers and uncork the creativity of our clients.  Our passion is clean, clutter-free web design that functions seamlessly across all devices and platforms.  Our web design projects are creatively elegant, but with the responsive user interface and functionality that today’s consumer demands.  We deliver quality results by showcasing your products and services in the best possible light, generating interest and creating opportunity for consumers to dive deeper into your brand.


Each website element and function is carefully considered and developed, from site navigation to page transitions. Website subpages are organized to generate the maximum amount of exposure and interest with your target market.  Headline text, graphics and video are carefully selected for their contribution to the overall theme.  The finished product is a cohesive, unique web experience that grabs attention and won’t let go.


What is "responsive" design?

"Responsive" web design will display and function optimally across all devices and platforms. Responsive web design is vital due to the increasing amount of web browsing that consumers perform with their smartphones and tablets. These "mobile-friendly" designs are also more frequently returned on results from search engines like Google, with this focus only expected to grow in the years to come.

Website shown on various screen types and sizes
Responsive website design is important in capturing the growing number of consumers browsing the web on mobile devices and smartphones, as well as for search engine optimization efforts.


Custom vs. Template

Custom website design offers the ability to create a unique web experience. As custom websites are designed and coded from scratch, the layout, aesthetics and user interface are all created to your exact needs and specifications. Your branding, content and media can be added exactly where you’d like, with the ability to include effects and movements for a more dynamic experience.

Web templates are layouts that are much cheaper and take much less time to develop. They are widely available and designed to curtail to certain industries and trades, meaning some businesses will field the same web experience as their competitors. Templates also offer less functionality when it comes to your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign, which is how traffic finds your website.



  • Flexibility
  • Creativity
  • Functionality
  • Aesthetics
  • Analytics
  • Optimization
  • Price


  • Flexibility
  • Creativity
  • Functionality
  • Aesthetics
  • Analytics
  • Optimization
  • Price

Custom Website Timeline

Our custom web projects involve an abundance of creativity, inspiration, and of course, coding. We seek client input throughout the process, including the concept approval phase and regular progress updates. We also like to test any and all features, ensuring a smooth, bug-free launch. While designs aren't completed overnight, we strive to produce a superb, quality product by your desired deadline. We understand that our products reflect our talents and dedication, and we're committed to knocking each and every project out of the park.

Custom websites take a bit longer to develop than web templates, but also provide a unique and more thorough experience.

We begin your project by researching your company, industry and competition. Your brand is placed under the microscope as we identify distinguishing features, characteristics and elements that can be incorporated in your website's layout, theme and function. Current trends are taken into consideration, with some thought also given as to how we can make your online presence unique.

Once design is completed, clients are presented with at least two concepts for their custom web project. Anything can be changed and modified to your taste or need. We review any user interface elements that will be included, as well as the overall structure and flow of your website. This is a great time to confirm that all content, graphics and video have been received to be incorporated into the project.

Once coding is completed, the project is uploaded to one of our development servers. At this time, it will display and function exactly like a live website, but will only be visible to the client and our Agency. This is the opportunity to give the website a “dress rehearsal,” which includes reviewing all content for accuracy and ensure all links are addressed correctly.

Content & Copyright

Your website’s content is critical. Fresh, interesting content will give browsers substance to bite into, as well as improve your page ranking on search engines. Where your content appears and how it flows is also important, as it significantly impacts your website’s bounce rate, or the number of visitors who don’t delve further into the site. We will provide access to hundreds of thousands of stock images and video to generate the desired response from consumers.

Writer's block? We will craft the right message for your target market via entertaining, original content that's both appealing and eye-catching.

Orange light bulb
We'll be happy to create content, provide images and video for your custom web project, as well as any other marketing need you may have.



In marketing, a "call-to-action" is the implied message or suggestion behind the advertisement, usually intended to provoke an immediate response. The placement and appearance of the navigation buttons and other elements are integral to generating revenue and additional leads. Details are everything; for example, an icon for approved fields on your website's contact page can significantly increase the number of completed forms. Providing consistent, visible call-to-actions are essential in converting impressions into leads and sales.


A Call-to-Action is essential in converting visits into leads, and leads into sales. They should be numerous, visible, and in prominent locations.


If design is the style of your custom website, programming is the substance. We utilize PHP, CSS, HTML and HTML5 to produce the perfect web experience across all platforms, including Apple iOS devices (iPads and iPhones). Proper coding also ensures the most efficient download times for consumers, 40% of which abandon a website that takes longer than three seconds to load.

We program our custom projects with a focus on compatibility and expandability. We'll ensure your website is up to date with all of the latest browser updates and patches. Your project will also be able to easily accommodate any additional locations, product offerings or additional services.

HTML5 logo
Coding is the magic behind your custom website project. It does more than make the page scroll up and down; it's essential in ensuring a quick download time and for search engine optimization purposes.

Updates & Revisions

It's important to refresh your content and media periodically, with busier sites requiring more updates and revisions. This is particularly important for blogs or other websites which require weekly, if not daily, injections of content. Our custom projects employ a Content Management System, which enables clients to easily and efficiently update and revise their content, graphics and video. We structure your website to be updated easily as needed; if you can send an e-mail, you'll be able to manage your site. Don't worry though, as we'll still be available to help out with any of the heavy lifting.

WordPress Logo
We make custom websites that are quick, easy and convenient to update and revise. If you can send an e-mail, you can update your custom website.

Online Revenue

We can create and merchandise a custom online store for your brand, building a customer database, inventory management system and secure payment portal. One of the most efficient ways to increase revenue is through investing in e-commerce, which is predicted to represent 10% of all US commerce by 2017. But e-commerce opportunities aren't just limited to product offerings; service-providers can increase customer retention by offering automatic billing and online scheduling. Convenience and customer service go a long way in establishing brand loyalty.


Orange shopping basket
Add automated billing and online booking for your product or service to increase customer service and ensure brand loyalty.