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Website Design & Development

Benefit from expertly optimized, custom websites to help your business grow through generating leads and more online conversions.

Our custom websites are creative, elegant, scalable, and deliver the responsive user interface and functionality that today’s consumers demand. Receive quality results by showcasing your products and services in the best possible light, generating interest and creating opportunity for consumers to dive deeper into your brand.

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Website Services We Offer

UX Design

From sitemaps and wire-frames to high-fidelity design concepts, we create custom web designs made to reach your goals.

Website Development

Our team programs your new design in WordPress to be responsive, secure, and easy to centrally manage and update.

Website Maintenance & Support

Our monthly maintenance and hosting plans support regular backend updates and implementing content changes on your site.

Search Engine Optimization

The work to improve your website to ensure it organically ranks well and earns quality unpaid traffic.

Our Standard of Excellence

Fully Custom & Built for Conversions

All our websites are custom-built with your customers and business goals in mind. From customizable features, styles, and technology solutions, our websites are tailored to convert visitors to customers in just a few simple clicks.

Quality Websites

Our final website projects adhere to the highest industry standards, from researching new design trends to installing site backups and security features. We also ensure all colors used are ADA compliant for accessibility and high-contrast.

SEO Friendly

All our websites are built to be SEO friendly, using optimized site architecture, layout, and content to highlight your core services, products and values and make it easier for various pages to rank well on search engines.

User Friendly & Scalable

Each website is built in WordPress, giving you a centralized CMS that is easy to manage and update in the future, no matter the size of your website. We also use Bootstrap CSS and best design practice to create a responsive website that automatically resizes on different screens.

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UX Research & Planning

In the UX Research portion of our Web Design process, our team assess your current website, identifies overall website architecture to improve your new website, and researches trends to find the best user-friendly design features and page layouts to implement on your new site to ensure your key services is well organized, clear, and easy to navigate.

After the initial UX research, we first create a wireframe for your new website, which overviews how your site should be organized and other layout elements to improve site navigation and deliver the best user experience

Concept Designs

Once the wireframe is complete and approved, our graphic design team designs two site concepts for you to review to decide which style elements and features you want to include in your final design. Concept designs defining the overall look and feel of your website, which will be further fleshed out and brought to life throughout the rest of our web design process.

All of our web designs are created to be responsive and mobile friendly, which means that no matter what size device your site is being viewed on, it will resize to fit different screens and be accessible across all platforms.


Customers are sent all concept designs from our team to review and give us feedback and revisions. This steps helps advance the look and feel of the website, fleshing out the final details on the site to get it to a place that both works well and satisfies the customers preferences and needs.

This process is important to us because it not only allows customers to be involved, but it gives our team and designs essential information and guidance on the stylistic direction for your final site design, including page layouts and navigation as well as text fonts animation features.


The programming phase of building your custom website is where we take the final approved page designs and put it into code. This step starts with the static development phase, converting design files into static HTML and CSS code.

Next we combining the static website code with a database-driven content management system (CMS). We use WordPress as our CMS and proudly develop and design everything custom fit-to your brand and business while being easy to manage and update.

Quality Assurance

Once your custom website is programmed and built in WordPress, we move to functionality implementation to add dynamic components, such as animations, to make sure your design and content not only looks accurate but is interactive for site visitors.

Our team then performs quality assurance checks to make sure your website is free of any content or technical errors. We also ensure that the security plugins and other software installed on your site are active and up-to-date.

Content Migration

During our content migration step of preparing to launch your new website, we take and written content and other photos and visuals – either existing content from your old website, new descriptions you have written, or content created by our copywriters – and migrate them all into the back end of your new Word Press site.

Getting your input and involvement in the written content of your website allows your site to best reflect your values and communicate effectively with your online audiences. Other existing visuals and images will be migrated to your new Word Press website and placed within the correct pages on your site.

Website Launch

After your content migration and quality assurance steps are completed on our end, your dev site is ready for you to view and review.

After a round of revisions and any final content edits and other updates are made, we will launch your site pending your final approval. At this point your site is live and ready to work for you to communicate with customers and gain new leads to grow your business.

Tracking & Analytics

Customers with ongoing maintenance and support will have access to ongoing website data and tracking which give insights into things like user behavior, website traffic, and page performances.

For our digital marketing clients who sign up for a plan with SEO (Search Engine Optimization), we go a step further and also track keyword performances and how your website ranks when people are searching for you and your services online.

Maintenance & Support

Ongoing maintenance and support provides customers with monthly updates and monitoring to help sustain a quality website that works the way you need it to.

From adding new information on deals and discounts to making sure your back and features and plugins are regularly updated and functioning correctly, our maintenance and support team is always ready to help keep your custom website in tip-top shape.

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What You Need to Know Before Starting Your Website Project

Yes. All of our websites are built to be responsive and optimized for use across any sized screen. We utilize the Bootstrap CSS responsive framework in our designs and site development to make sure users are able to easily engage with your site any time anywhere.

There are several ways having a custom website for your business will benefit you more than a generic template or self-made simple site:

  1. Design & User Experience. Templates cut corners and can make you look more plain like so many other sites. Each of our sites is uniquely crafted for your business and target audience.
  2. Ownership Rights. DIY platforms (like Squarespace, Wix, etc.) give you basic tools to build a site, but they have flaws and limitations and can be difficult to transfer to a different provider when you find yourself in need of more professional we support and development without having to rebuild your site again from scratch.
  3. Maintenance Needs. Having a custom website reduced your reliance of 3rd party software and coded plugins that frequently need to be updated to maintain the look and feel of your website.
    Conversions & Lead Generation: We design and build your website based on your target audience, your company’s business processes, and the most effective conversion optimization techniques to turn your website visitors into leads.
  4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): An overwhelming amount of duplicate content and website code is used in non-custom sites. This will not help your website rank well on Google. Google looks for highly-relevant content that’s found uniquely to one site when ranking web pages. Aside from distinctive coding, custom sites can also connect to plug-ins, tool that are capable of helping to improve and manage your SEO.
  5. Security: On all our custom websites, we install security measures and plugins, such as Wordfence to protect your site from corruption or getting hacked.
  6. Functionality: Having a custom site allows you to design with animations and custom interact features, whereas a templated or DIY site is more simplistic in it’s visual capabilities and creative functions.

  1. Content Management Systems (we use Word Press)
  2. Image Sliders and Galleries
  3. Logo Carousels
  4. Embedded Social Media Feeds
  5. Multi-Category Blog Landing Page
  6. Unique Contact Forms
  7. Lead Generation Forms
  8. Call to Action Buttons & Icons
  9. Content Management System Training
  10. Ongoing Maintenance & Support plans

The website prices are determined by how many hours of design, code, and technical implementation to provide you the best features to provide you the best final product. Our highly trained business development team coverts your business goals into technical requirements.

Contact us to schedule a free consultation and discuss your projects and get an estimate on costs.

The Childress Agency offers interest free, affordable monthly payment plans. Contact us for a consultation and to learn more.

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