Are We A Good Fit?

A spark can blaze into a successful long-term partnership with shared values, clear communication, and mutual trust. Our process involves a thorough assessment of your goals, challenges, and expectations, as well as an honest conversation about what we can offer and how we can best support your success.

By taking the time to explore whether we’re a good fit, we’re able to ensure our partnership is built to last and we’re able to help you achieve your desired outcomes.

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First of all, who are you?

Good fit:

You’re a growth-oriented owner, director of marketing, or in a leadership role with decision-making power and you seek to grow through improved online customer acquisition.

What do you need?

Good fit:

Better digital marketing and online advertising. If you’re serious about ramping up your marketing through Google Ads, social media, SEO, and other digital solutions you have come to the right place!

A fresh website that converts users into customers. Our custom website design development process can help take your website to the next level visually and technically.

A better CMS (content management system). All our sites are built in WordPress to make it easier to maintain and update your site.

Website maintenance and hosting. Childress Agency offers several tears of monthly maintenance plans to help support the continual upkeep of the backend of your site and make image and content updates easier than ever.

Bad fit:

Brand identity, PR, communication, and print design. We understand those things, but we’re experts on using digital tools to market your services and products online.

IT support services. Sure, we work with computers, but we can’t help you troubleshoot your internal network issues.

Video production. From social media reels to filmed commercials, we do not offer any video production or editing services. If you have existing videos or work with a 3rd party, we are happy to embed on your website and use in marketing campaigns.

What is your budget?

Good fit:

You already have a budget approved and it’s over $7,500. Companies who know what they want and what they can spend to achieve it are more likely to succeed with any new partner.

Bad fit:

You aren’t sure how much a new website or effective digital marketing program costs, you’re just getting quotes together. We’d encourage you to have a serious conversation with the other stakeholders of your organization about your marketing budget and goals for the year. Having this important conversation completed will help inform how we can propose the best solution within the budget towards your priorities.

When do you need it?

Good fit:

You understand good work takes time. We help our clients work towards a realistic goal. If there are some early successes, that’s a bonus.

Bad fit:

You need to show results and ROI in less than a month. We can’t commit to that. Our focus is on gradual, strategic growth instead of promising immediate results that may not be attainable or realistic.

You need a new website spun up in less than a month. A custom website that delivers the ease of use and the experience your targets deserve AND empowers your team to work efficiently – takes thought and time. We can spin up a very simple website with limited functionality in under two months, and on occasion, that can be appropriate.

What are your pain points?

Good fit:

My content is good, but it’s not presented effectively. Our team makes digestible content that prioritizes readability and a clear hierarchy.

My current vendor is unresponsive. Oof, that’s not okay. We’ll respond within 24 hours and let you know how quickly we can resolve your issue.

My current vendor is not proactive. Our team gets excited to keep up with industry trends and loves to bring those new ideas to you.

I need more leads/conversions. Of course, you do! Our team is very focused on understanding what makes a good lead (for you) and helping your users to fill out that form.

More qualified traffic to my website. More traffic is not better than the right traffic. We don’t focus on vanity metrics. We seek to drive the right audience to your site so that you’re dealing with more qualified leads that help you make money.

My website isn’t integrated with our other business systems (ERP, CRM, etc.). Our in-house team of .Net developers is well versed in getting these systems to communicate with your website.

My site is not fast (enough). If you want your site to load in 2-3 seconds (or less), we should talk.

We have great internal expertise, but we need help communicating that on the web. Not everyone is a writer (and that’s okay). Furthermore, not everyone is a writer specifically for the web. Spoiler alert: we are.

Bad fit:

Somebody to do what I want when I want it. We’d prefer to be your partner, not just your vendor. The best relationships stem from a great conversation about your goals, budget, how we might solve your problems, and how long those things should realistically take.

Somebody to make me No. 1 on Google for all the keywords. Hyperbole aside, you’ll find lots of other people willing to promise this only to knowingly fail after they’ve taken your money. Marketing towards intent searchers is a lucrative and competitive market. We can help your budget go further, especially if you’re willing to gain a command of the key performance indicators we monitor.

What are your business and working relationship preferences?

Good fit:

I want a dependable partner. We want to form long-term relationships with our clients. The work and results always get better the more we get to know each other.

I prefer regular communication with the team. Us too! Everything we do relies on strong, frequent, and open communication. We’re on the same team after all.

I can clearly articulate the goals of my business. The better we understand your goals, the more likely we are to achieve them.

I’m looking forward to the professional recommendations of your team. Why hire experts if you don’t want their advice? You should know, we’re even going to tell you when we don’t agree with you (professionally of course).

Bad fit:

Short-term relationship, one-time project. It takes a lot of effort to get to know new partners. If we’re never going to see each other again, maybe you are better off with a freelancer.

I get busy and disappear for weeks at a time. It’s okay if people are busy, but if we can’t talk to you, we can’t do the work you’re paying us for.

I can’t give you access to sales, revenue, or analytics numbers for my organization. If you want to close the loop on ROI and the results of your digital marketing, it’s helpful for us to know some of this data. We’re not interested in stealing any trade secrets, we just want to demonstrate that the work performed is having the impact we expected.

“I could do this better myself, I just don’t have time.” When we hear this, it’s often an indication that we are being hired begrudgingly and our team will never be viewed as your trusted partner. Don’t hire us because your department is understaffed, hire us because you trust we’re going to help you accomplish your goals.

“I don’t believe that takes an hour. I think it should only take 15 minutes.” If you don’t trust us, we’re never going to have a solid relationship. You’re paying for more than just our time, you’re paying for our expertise (which took us many years to accumulate) and the results we’re going to get you.

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