Is AI Hurting Your SEO Ranking?

Artificial intelligence is fundamentally changing the way we approach writing, serving as an invaluable tool across a multitude of industries. Its presence in content creation has become increasingly difficult to discern, blurring the lines between human-generated and AI-generated content. While AI has undeniably revolutionized various aspects of digital content creation, it has also led to an increase of less than stellar auto-generated landing pages, blog posts, and even recipes. Google’s most recent update attempts to filter some of these nonsensical results out from the top rankings and, yes, this can effect your concentrated SEO efforts.

You Can’t Spell Panic Without AI

Google recently announced that they’re updating their rankings to filter out ai generated drivel. In a recent blog post they note, “Google’s ranking systems aim to reward original, high-quality content that demonstrates qualities of what we call E-E-A-T: expertise, experience, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness.” Their algorithm promotes a quality over quantity approach to content generation and with the rise in popularity of tools such as Chatgpt they’re doing their work to filter out any spammy or nonsensical results, this isn’t to say that they want a total ban of all ai generated content, but specifically any automated content that is created with the purpose of influencing search rankings

How This Effects SEO Rankings

This update doesn’t penalize websites for using AI-generated copy or push them down in search results. Instead, it aims to promote and screen content based on a range of quality metrics, including relevance, user experience, and adherence to ethical guidelines. By prioritizing high-quality content, this update enhances the overall search experience for users.

If you’re curious about how this update may impact your SEO rankings and are seeking comprehensive insights into boosting your website’s visibility and performance, our experienced team is ready to assist you. We can provide tailored strategies and guidance to help you navigate these changes effectively and achieve sustainable growth in search engine rankings. Get in touch with us today to start optimizing your SEO strategy!

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