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Friday Focus: Instagram Feeds

Have you taken a look at your Instagram feed on your profile recently? What does it look like? Is it bright, neutral, all over the place? A cohesive feed can change the game for your business profile. people are more likely to follow a business that has an aesthetically pleasing feed and is going to […]

Friday Focus: Measurable Marketing

Are you having a hard time seeing a return on investment for your companies marketing efforts? This is one of the many reasons why we suggest hiring a pro. Professionals know how to analyze the data and break it down in a way that is easy for anyone to understand and see the benefits. Digital […]

Friday Focus: Brand Identity

What do you know about your brands identity? It should be the base of everything that you and your coworkers do on a daily basis. It is how you want your customers to think of your brand. We pride ourselves on being experts in building and creating brands from the ground up. We can also […]

Friday Focus: 5 Things to do Before You Leave Work Each Day

We curated some of the best habits that you should get into before you leave work each day. These will help you feel like you are organized when you leave and refreshed when you return the next day. Trash: Throw away any trash that is on your desk. This is so simple but it can […]

Friday Focus: Emily Ley

Have you heard of Emily Ley and her amazing Simplified brand? If you haven’t then you’re in for a treat! Check out to find an abundance of resources that can help you simplify your home and work lives. We have been following along with her #simplicitychallenge2019 and it has been amazing (@simplified on Instagram). […]

Friday Focus: Digital Marketing

You’re going to be hearing a lot more about digital marketing from us in 2019. We have been working hard for our clients to boost multiple digital marketing campaigns and transform their businesses. One of our goals in 2019 is to help even more businesses thrive and grow due to our digital marketing efforts. You […]

Friday Focus: Canva

We use several different tools at the Childress Agency to make our day to day operations run more smoothly. One that we have been loving for social media and content creation is Canva ( Canva is super user friendly and gives lots of different options. If you are not lucky enough to have professional graphic […]

Friday Focus: Holidays in Fredericksburg

Today is our last day of work before the holidays! We are so excited to relax and spend time with our families. There are so many fun things to do this time of the year, so we decided to put together a list of fun things around the area to do.  •Jingle Bell Christmas Rides  –Listen to […]

Friday Focus: Custom Law Firm Websites

Law Firm Websites Built From The Ground Up When choosing someone to build your website it is important to make sure they are experienced with your field of work and are willing to do the research necessary to build you the best custom website for your company. We can help show potential clients that you are a top […]

Friday Focus: Top Website Problems to Avoid

Our goal is to provide our clients with amazing websites that help them thrive and grow. When building a website, it is essential to make sure there are some basic elements in place. Some of the top things we make sure to avoid when building a website are listed below!  Problem 1: Having too many clicks  Our […]