Friday Focus: Director of Business Operations

Ata Birol

We are so luck to have Ata as our Director of Business Operations here at The Childress Agency! Don’t you think he could be a model?! He was definitely a natural in front of the camera.

We thought it would be fun to share some facts about Ata so that you can get to know him better!

•He attended George Mason University and was a part of the business fraternity Delta Sigma Pi.

•Ata got his degree in information systems and operations management.

•He got to volunteer with the Wall Street Journal during his time in college.

•Ata can speak both English and Turkish!

•He has over 80 skills and endorsements on LinkedIn

•Ata works very hard for the Childress Agency and completes numerous tasks on a daily basis.

We have some pretty awesome employees! Would you like to meet more of them?!