Friday Focus: Branding Trends

Branding is something that we are passionate about here at The Childress Agency. Building brands, including our own is so rewarding. Seeing companies go from nothing to something amazing is our goal! We curated some of the business branding trends for 2018.

First, personalize your brand! It is so much easier for a client to relate to a person than a product or a service. Showing behind the scenes and about your employees makes them feel like they are a part of your brand. Being authentic will get your brand far.

Join in on online communities. With all the technology that we have available it is easier than ever to get connected. The hard part is getting connected with the right people. Online communities are a great place to meet specific types of people. You can easily target your ideal client.

Mobile. Mobile. Mobile. Curating your brands mobile experience is essential to getting loyal customers. Things should be consistent across all social platforms.

Influencer marketing through influencers that represent your brand well has grown significantly! They already have the reach to more people with similar interests to them. It is a more natural way of expanding your brand.

Overall, your marketing and branding plan should be looked at as a whole. The more consistent and cohesive it is the better!