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Connect with Your Consumers

There are over two billion registered social media accounts, nearly one-third of the earth’s population.  Social media has become an increasingly important factor in marketing, as nearly half of consumers cite social media as influencing their purchasing behavior.  Consumers prefer businesses that offer product and service information on their social media pages, as this offers convenience and ease of access on their mobile devices and a platform they’re accustomed to using.


Social media management is also important for search engine optimization.  These sites can be optimized to also be returned on relevant queries, and search engines like Google even give precedence to websites with an active social media presence.  The Childress Agency can integrate your social media into your custom website to allow your consumers to like and share your products and services, communicating the value of your brand to their friends and family.


Bond...Then Build

With nearly three quarters of businesses actively managing their social media accounts on a regular basis, a lack of presence across social media can be detrimental to staying connected with your customer base. It's important for your social media pages to generate interesting, unique content that resonates with consumers and reflects your brand identity.

Facebook users generate over 4.5 billion "likes" each day, sharing the content they find interesting with their family and friends and driving more traffic to your products and services.

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The Childress Agency can assist with your social media campaigns. Make a single post and watch it appear on all of your social media networks.

Who Uses What?

Knowing the demographics of each social media platform allows your business to focus its marketing message where it will matter the most. It will also prevent you from wasting valuable time and money on a social media platform that won't provide the maximum return.

Excellence in social media marketing goes beyond demographics. It's about knowing the habits of the users. A third of Facebook users are "friends" with their neighbors. Twitter is becoming increasingly popular in households with annual incomes greater than $50,000. Pinterest is gaining momentum with users over the age of 50. All this data provides your business with an accurate blueprint to best promote your brand.


When To Post

Social media platforms are active when their users are. To get the maximum exposure from your social media posts, it's important to recognize the most opportune times and days of the week to post new content.

Knowing that the majority of Twitter users are active during their commutes and lunch hours allows you to plan ahead and schedule engaging, relevant content for this audience. Understanding that Pinterest is more popular on Fridays and Saturdays prevents you from wasting valuable time and content on weekdays, when usage is much lower. Timing can be just as important as the quality and quantity of your content.

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Creative Campaigns

Let your creativity shine. Social media is a crowded, noisy environment full of people and businesses craving attention. It's important to have a unique, distinguishable presence that cuts through the distractions and engages your target audience. Current events and trending topics can be terrific subject matter to seize upon, provided that it's relevant and appropriate for your brand's usage. The Childress Agency will help you create and implement an appealing, engaging social media campaign that gets your consumers to like and share your content.


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Campaigns that evoke participation and engagement from consumers have the greatest odds of being liked and shared with family and friends.