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Climb to the Top of Your Industry with Strategic Marketing. Discover the untapped potential of your Tree Removal or Excavation business online. We offer a wide range of digital marketing services including Social Media Management, SEO, Google Ads Management, and more.

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We Have a Proven Track Record and Experience in Helping Tree Removal and Excavation Businesses Grow

Our team is ready for the challenge of growing your market share in the tree removal business. You handle the trees, and we’ll handle the rest!

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Transforming clicks into clients. Our websites are tailored to drive leads and grow your tree and excavation business.

Your success is our mission. With a dedicated team at your service, we’re committed to achieving your digital marketing goals.

From web design and SEO to social media and PPC ads, we’re your one-stop shop for tree and excavation success.

Rooted in success. Leverage our years of experience in the industry to stand out and thrive in the competitive tree and excavation market.

No hidden branches here. We provide transparent reporting and insights so you always know the ROI of your marketing efforts.

Navigating the digital forest. Rely on our expert guidance to craft and execute a strategic marketing plan for your business.

Empowering your leadership with knowledge. We offer consultative approach to keep you informed about the latest digital marketing trends and effective strategies.

Backed by proven strategies and a track record of real results, we’re your trusted partner in digital marketing and website development.

Scott Branson | Owner, Branson’s Tree Service

Before I started with Childress Agency for Google Ads PPC services, my business was struggling to get noticed in the competitive tree removal and landscaping industry despite investing heavily in marketing services elsewhere. I knew my services were top-notch, but reaching the right audience seemed like an insurmountable challenge. That’s when I decided to take the leap.

As a business owner – it’s hard to know who to trust and what to expect. The team at Childress Agency walked me through the initial issues from underperforming marketing service providers I had in the past. Their persistence and integrity impressed me, they proved the growth of my business was a priority for them, no matter the challenges my unique situation brought them.

It’s amazing to have a competent, honest and skilled partner in your corner. When you find them, you don’t let them go. Targeted campaigns now connect with potential customers at the perfect moment, I watched as my phone call volume grew. More importantly, these weren’t just random calls; they were genuinely interesting leads. My schedule started filling with inquiries, and I couldn’t be more pleased.

But the game-changer was the impact on my revenue. I could see the correlation between our campaigns and our growth. If you’re facing the same challenges I did, don’t hesitate to reach out to Childress Agency. Their Google Ads PPC services can truly ignite your business growth. I’m living proof of the incredible transformation they can bring.

Annie Jenkins | Owner, Kenny Jenkins Tree Service

I’ll admit, I was skeptical about diving into the digital world with Google Ads PPC services. As a business owner in tree removal and care, technology always felt like a foreign language to me. The fear of wasting money on something I didn’t fully understand was daunting.

Childress Agency changed everything. They did wonders for my son’s business so I reached out. From the very beginning, they took the time to explain how their services could benefit my business. They understood my fears and doubts and addressed them with care. It wasn’t just about PPC; it was about building trust.

The results were beyond my expectations. My website, which wasn’t doing much work for us, suddenly became visible to potential customers. The increase in inquiries was heartening. And what touched me the most was the level of trust I had in the team at the Childress Agency. They held my hand through every step, making sure I felt confident and informed.

If you’re like me, with doubts and tech anxiety, let me assure you that [Your Brand Name] is the partner you need. They’ll not only transform your online presence but also earn your trust every step of the way.

Digital Marketing Services We Offer

PPC Management

The evolving art of efficient management of your Google Ads spend budget to maximize ROI with optimized Google Ads campaigns, targeting high-intent customers.

Search Engine Marketing

The effective paid strategies to increase visibility on SERPs to get the products and services you offer on your website in front of intent searchers.

Display Marketing

Your ads – on display across screens online with eye-catching ads across various online platforms to boost Brand Awareness and recognition and gain the interest and engagement you seek.

Search Engine Optimization

The work to improve your website to ensure it organically ranks well and earns quality unpaid traffic.

Local Service Ads

Helping you connect with local people who search Google for the services you offer through cost-effective, lead-focused advertising. You pay by the lead instead of the click.

Google My Business & Reputation Management

Monitor and improve your business online reputation – implementing processes and tools to gain more positive reviews.

Social Media Advertising

Increase engagement, awareness and website traffic with your ad spend budget through the detailed targeting available on the Meta environment of Facebook and Instagram.

Social Media Management

The ongoing strategizing and creation of content, designed to grow and nurture an audience across your social platforms.

Website Development

Our team programs your new design in WordPress to be responsive, secure, and easy to centrally manage and update.

Website Maintenance & Support

Our monthly maintenance and hosting plans support regular backend updates and implementing content changes on your site.