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Launching an App Strategy, continued. How Utilities Use Mobile Apps

Utility customers continue to go mobile, and 92% of utility companies now offer a mobile website or app. Of the time spent on all mobile apps, users are spending 10% of that time in utility apps. These customers are increasingly looking for specific attributes on mobile to simplify their task completion: ease of use, performance, […]

Launching an App Strategy, continued. A Look at eCommerce Apps: Retail

Today’s consumers are selective about the retail apps they will use. 60% mobile shoppers have two or less retail apps on their phone, and 21% don’t have any at all.   Consumers typically only spend 5% of their time on their phones in shopping apps, and brands are challenged to get shoppers to download and […]

Launching an App Strategy, continued. Mobile Web vs. Apps?

Consumers Weigh In Despite the long standing mobile app vs. mobile web debate, consumers rely on both nearly equally. Rather than one or the other, one-third of mobile users prefer to use both web and apps at different times. Mobile web offers consistency, while apps offer contextualized experiences, but too few brands leverage these platforms […]

Launching an App Strategy, continued. What are users doing in mobile apps?

Users today spend over 80% of their time on mobile apps, but only regularly engage with a few select apps. 6 in 10 of those who do engage with branded apps ay their expectations have not been met. Though gaming and social networking take up the majority of app users’ time, eCommerce apps are having […]

Launching an App Strategy that Drives Results

Introduction The demand for engaging and high-performing mobile apps is growing alongside booming usage. In 2016, mobile user expectations are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Successful apps continue to have significant business impact, while basic experiences underwhelm and turn away users. By leveraging integration, app analytics and native functionality, brands can leverage appas to fuel the success […]

The user experience always starts with the page load time.

Some time back, Google had introduced ‘mobile-friendly’ labels in mobile search results. This label was added to sites which ensured a good mobile experience by being responsive. This label has recently been removed because Google says 85% of all pages in the mobile search results now meet the criteria of the mobile-friendly label. DOES YOUR […]

A great website in 2016 is purpose built and caters to the ideal client.

Custom websites trump cookie-cutter templates. Ready made themes have served as the base for countless websites to date. DESIGN, however, is evolving right alongside marketing strategies. A smart consumer can easily spot a template website and in many industries, this is viewed negatively. Aside from the visual impact of template sites, HOW WELL CAN THEY […]


NET NEWS-FACEBOOK FRIENDS COME FIRST Facebook is shaking up its news fee algorithm once again! This time it is not good news for brands. The update will display content posted by friends higher up in the news feed. Facebook indicated that reach and referral traffic will likely decline for some Pages. To avoid the impact […]

Mobile Website Design and Smart SEO Strategies

More than half of the 100 billion monthly searches happen on mobile devices. Mobile usability is no longer a debatable frill, it’s a requirement for success on the web. Modern search engines use complex algorithms to find, read, and ascertain the topicality of web pages. They can then match those pages with search queries looking […]

Typography’s Role in Branding

Mobile devises now accounts for more than 50% of website traffic, so our creative website designers keep typography choices consistent across mobile and desktop devises. There are many important choices to be made when designing or updating a website, typography elements should top that list as they play an important role in the first and […]