You’re still wondering if your website should have SSL?

You are coming home from work and you need to stop in and get some bread on the way. You get to the front of the line to pay, swipe your card and the clerk informs you that your card has been declined. You swipe again thinking it must have been a mistake but to no avail. You rush home and check your bank statement and see hundreds of dollars spent on your account from many different locations and your account is overdrawn. Your debit card is still in your wallet and you have no idea how this happened. You did just buy that birthday present for your Mom from that online retailer…

In today’s fast-paced world, technology, and the things that you can do with it, is ever-changing and growing. Websites are now an essential way of reaching clients and obtaining important information to make businesses run. With any technology, there are always certain risks involved when putting sensitive information online. There is a way to protect you and your client’s sensitive information and that is by adding SSL to your website.

So what exactly is SSL? SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. This provides encryption of sensitive information site-wide. This encryption protects the information and makes it so that only the intended recipients can view and understand it as it moves around the internet. This helps protect account numbers, passwords, and other private information. SSL is an important part of all sites not just ones transmitting sensitive information.

According to Jay Jones from Microsoft “SSL is the backbone of our secure Internet and it protects your sensitive information as it travels. It keeps the haters and criminals at bay and provides many direct benefits to you and especially your customers.” SSL allows you to develop trust with users of your website, develop a reputation of security, and boost SEO (search engine optimization) for your business.

When clients provide your business with sensitive information, they do so with the trust that it will be kept confidential and protected. SSL is a way to ensure that their trust is not misplaced. Using SSL is now the most very basic step needed in order to protect not only you but also your clients.

We all know reputation can be everything within an industry. Having an SSL certificate for your website backs up your reputation with a known industry standard. This allows potential and current customers peace of mind regarding their private information.

Now more than ever, search engines allow clients to reach you and your website more easily. That is why search engine optimization is so important. Having an SSL certificate is the easiest and fastest way to help boost your SEO ranking, making it easier for you and your website to be discovered.

The Childress Agency and now Cyberbility are excited to announce a special month-long promotion to “Love your website”. For the February discounted price of $99/year you can provide that trust, reputation, and SEO for your website by using an SSL certificate. Show your website some love and let us help protect you and your business!