Starting a Business Blog

For a business to thrive in today’s economy, a digital presence is a necessity. From developing a responsive, mobile-friendly website to optimizing social media channels to drive inbound traffic, there are several online tactics that can help companies excel online.
One of the most popular strategies for businesses to build their online presence is to start a blog. It’s estimated that companies who blog generate 67 percent more leads each month compared to companies that are not blogging

How are you going to keep them coming back?

A great business blog is one that keeps visitors wanting to come back. Creating this level of interest in your audience is not easy. You need to be creating high-quality content, publishing consistently, and adding value to visitors across different levels of the sales cycle.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is creating too much company-centric content. Many businesses use their blog as a digital sales pitch. Much of the content is created just to highlight features of the company or showcase a new product. While this content is fine in moderation, don’t overdo it. Publishing too frequently about your product or brand will not provide value to the majority of people that visit your blog.

Rather, think about creating content that your competitors would share. Design engaging and insightful infographics, create long-form articles that provide unique insight, launch a webinar or podcast that covers issues relevant to your customers. Regardless of the format or context, just make sure you are providing value.

You may also want to publish content covering peripheral topics. For instance, if you run a CPA Firm, you should publish topics relevant to running a business and not just accounting or finance content. This will help you drive visitors to your site that may not immediately be interested in accounting, but once they land on your site and are given valuable information, they will likely remember your name when accounting needs come up.

Starting a business blog is a step in the right direction, but the work isn’t over once your blog is up and running. To maximize the value of your blog, take a strategic approach and be willing to invest in your content marketing.

Connect with your customers. Build a following for your business. Communicate with your customer base an integrate your social media platforms with your company’s website.