SEO-Your Website

“If You Build it, They Will Come”

This is a favorite mantra of content marketing. Just build an amazing website with even more amazing content and watch the traffic roll on in.

Really? Well, no.

If it were that easy, all SEO professionals would be out of work. Unfortunately, while great writing and great content is a large part of SEO and something your site definitely needs, it also needs links, a strong technical base, fast page downloads, and the list goes on and on.

Create content, but other professional SEO tactics are needed unless you want to be sitting all alone in a big field.

Remember a few years back when SEO was considered “voodoo” or “black magic” by anyone who didn’t understand it?

Really, SEO is based on the rules of a mathematical algorithm that is constantly changing. This means the site meets or doesn’t meet certain points on a mathematical scorecard and your site is then adjusted accordingly.

Though we haven’t been given the absolute rules by Google, we can test against the algorithm and do things we know work because a + b = c. Math is predictable, testable, and somewhat verifiable. Childress Agency, a certified Google partner, uses third-party software analytics to provide in-depth digital reports of SEO and website traffic for our clients. We work hard so you don’t have to.