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Search Engine Optimization

The most beautiful websites in the digital world are nothing without effective search engine optimization (SEO).  Search engines are the highways of the internet, driving traffic to the most relevant, substantive content as determined by a complex, ever-evolving set of formulas and algorithms.  Search engine optimization ensures your website appears higher on the list of generated results via integrated content, keywords, backlinks, and locality.  That’s where our professional SEO services come in. Once your SEO campaign has begun, your website will begin to rise in rankings.

Search engines are the primary source of the traffic to websites, drawing almost 300% more users than social media.  Mobile search is also important, as the global percentage of mobile traffic out of the total internet web traffic increased in February 2019 to 47.96%.  It’s also important to understand the difference between pay-per-click and organic search results, which account for 70% of the total links clicked by users.


SEO 101

Consumers generate over 3 billion searches per day or 100 billion searches per month. The first page of search results is the most coveted, as three-quarters of consumers never make it to the second page of links. Leads generated from search engine optimization, SEO, have traditionally boasted a higher close rate than traditional methods of advertising. Studies have indicated that as many as 40% of total customers now originate from a lead obtained via SEO. Search engine optimization is versatile; it can and should be adjusted periodically to take advantage of seasonal or market trends. Most importantly, your SEO campaign should be executed to sustain your success and to keep your brand in front of consumers.


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Facts & Figures

Search engine optimization is a numbers game where the odds are on your side. But it's important to understand how and why your search engine optimization package with the Childress Agency will be effective (organic SEO).
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Google controls 88.01% of US searches, with Bing second with 6.4%. Yahoo! has managed to corner approximately 10% of total searches.

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70 - 80% of all internet users ignore pay-per-click and other sponsored ads, instead focusing their attention (and business) on natural, organic results.

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Search engines are 3x as efficient as social media in driving traffic to websites, offering a closing rate of almost 15% (vs. 2% for direct mail and print advertising).

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3 out of 4 web users never make it past the first page of search results. Being on the first page of Google is important because it puts your business in front of new customers. Because more people who see your business means more people who can become customers or recommend it to others.

Organic SEO

Pay-per-click (PPC) or other paid advertisements provide companies the ability to purchase advertising space at the top of search engine results for search terms that are relevant to their product or service. These campaigns charge a single fee for each visit or "click" that they generate with a unique user.

The Childress Agency provides organic search engine optimization. Organic search results are the websites returned for the quality of content and how relevant it is to the search query. These are generated by reviewing the website's content, keywords and list of backlinks. These websites are the returns that consumers trust most to satisfy their search query, with 80% of users reporting they visit organic returns exclusively.

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Organic links are more trusted by consumers, and as a result, get more visits. The Childress Agency offers organic search engine optimization packages.

Searches by Voice

Not all search engine optimization is the same. Consumers search for products and services differently on their mobile devices and smartphones than desktop PCs. Search engines like Google have placed an increasingly growing emphasis on mobile and voice searches and returning the most relevant results to users.

Mobile searches place a higher emphasis on local results. Over 88% of searches on mobile devices are for local goods and services. These links are tagged as "mobile-friendly" and are more likely to return websites with responsive design. Mobile SEO is only going to increase as consumers use their mobile devices for internet browsing.

Searches by voice are growing, as well. These searches are processed differently, as consumers voice their searches differently than they type them. If the majority of your web traffic originates from mobile devices, it's vital to capture this growing segment of search.


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Global SEO Hotspots

Is your brand ready for the global market? Search engine optimization allows your business to target the most desirable markets on the planet. Global SEO requires extensive research into the trends and market trends for each international audience. Content and keywords require translation and your website's cookie and script requirements will need to be set to allow search engines to index your information.


The United Kingdom has one of the world's largest economies and is home to some of the largest banks and financial institutions. Germany is a leader in manufacturing, particularly in the auto and defense industries.
South America
Emerging markets in Brazil, Chile and Colombia all have foreign investment rushing in. This strengthened middle class has led to increases in demand for credit and financial services, as well as personal goods.
Southeast Asia
Over the past decades, US imports have increased significantly to this region, in particular Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. Singapore's strategic location has led to its emergency as a significant hub for global trade.

Boost All Your Rankings

A search engine optimization campaign is for more than just your website.  Your blogs, online reviews, press releases, social media and any other desired content can also be boosted and returned in a larger area or for a wider range of keywords.  This has the added advantage of pushing the competition farther down the list of generated results. Establish your lead over the competition.

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Social media pages are another essential factor in search engine optimization and your website's page rankings.

Monthly Analytics

Another value of a search engine optimization package is the live analytics and monthly reporting. This provides data as to how consumers are finding and utilizing your site. This digital reconnaissance allows you to see the effectiveness of your online marketing efforts, and more importantly, identifies what needs to be adjusted.

Monthly analytics are delivered in an easy-to-read PDF document that clearly and concisely displays your website's data. Plot your course and track your success.


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The data available in your monthly analytics report is invaluable in planning your online marketing strategy. It's available standard in all search engine optimization packages.