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Compliment your brand with collateral

A quality print campaign is important in gaining and maintaining brand recognition.  This collateral often influences purchasing behavior long after the consumer has left a store or heard a sales pitch.  Information must be presented clearly and concisely, with an emphasis on the most appealing details and features of your offering.  When creating your custom print and promotional materials, we’ll use the aesthetic and layout of your custom website as a blueprint.  Using the same colors, graphics, typefaces and language will provide consumers with an appealing, consistent experience that they will come to expect and seek out.

Print isn’t just business cards and brochures.  Splash your logo and identity across a wide range of custom promotional products to boost your brand recognition.  We’ll  create the best print and promotional package that maximizes your brand’s exposure with your target market.


Good On Guttenberg

The printing process has come a long way since movable type. As many companies continue to shift their focuses to the digital spectrum, it's still appropriate (and important) to provide your consumers with quality print collateral. Many prospective customers expect it, particularly more experienced shoppers.

Rack cards, or 4" by 9" card stock prints, are excellent lead generators at trade shows and product displays. Trifolds and other brochures are often utilized as "leave behinds," or collateral that's given to a prospective client after a consultation to help close the sale. Direct mail campaigns are an excellent advertising medium to target a specific zip code or market. Any grand opening or large venue requires banners for bold, conspicuous signage.

With a professional-grade product, often at a fraction of the cost of local suppliers, the Childress Agency can provide your brand with high-quality print collateral that conveys quality and establishes your brand's value.

Antique printing press
Consumers still expect to be able to review a company's products or services on print collateral.

Quick Quality Printing

A surprising number of companies continue to produce their print collateral on archaic, desktop PCs with low-quality inkjet printers. This equipment can't match the quality of professional printing. High-quality gloss paper with a bright, vibrant, printed-to-bleed design will convey the quality of your product or service and the investment behind it. Consumers will judge the value of your brand by the look and feel of your printed collateral, influencing whether or not they make a purchase or schedule a consultation. Let us help put your brand's best foot forward.

Wide-format inkjet printer
The Childress Agency offers your brand the ability to produce high-quality printed collateral, often for a fraction of the cost of local suppliers.


Your print and web advertisement quality is highly-dependent upon the right color mode option. The wrong mode can detract from the overall quality of your products. CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) is the best color mode option for anything printed on a paper or promotional product. RGB (red, green and blue) is the correct choice for any advertisement that will be displayed on a monitor or screen, including websites, apps and digital signs. The Childress Agency will create your marketing material in the correct color choice your its usage, or convert your existing art as appropriate to generate the best possible product.


Orange typewriter
Using the right color mode is important; we'll be happy to convert any artwork into the proper color mode for your print or display need.

And Now, Introducing...

Promotional products are an excellent way to establish and preserve brand recognition. Nine out of ten consumers report having kept a promotional item in the past two years. They are used as gifts, sales giveaways, employee incentives, and at trade shows to generate consumer interest and foot traffic. We'll help you select the most effective promotional products to generate the maximum rate of recall for your brand. Your logo and identity will look great across a wide range of apparel, pens, glassware, tote bags and office goods.

Shipping crate labelled New Product
Introduce a new product or service with a special incentive when it's purchased. Or, become a star at the next trade show or business conference with appealing giveaways for your clients and potential customers.

Cohesion Is Key

The Childress Agency can provide the cohesion that is key to achieving lasting brand recognition. We can seamlessly integrate your logo and artwork across all of your marketing platforms, from business cards to custom uniforms. Our designers work with printers and manufacturers to ensure a consistent, quality application across all your products. Let's brainstorm ideas for relevant, custom promotional products for your next company trade show or sales promotion. The Childress Agency can help you establish and increase your brand recognition while simultaneously helping you reward customer loyalty with bold, appealing promotional products.

Coffee mug with logo
It's important to present a clean, cohesive marketing message.

The Clear Difference of Custom

Custom apparel is the most popular and effective of all promotional items. It turns your employees, clients and prospective customers into walking billboards for your product or service. From the consumer's prospective, custom apparel fosters brand loyalty and is a symbol of customer appreciation. Custom apparel also ranks as one of the highest rated sales incentives among consumers.

Custom apparel isn't just limited to freebie hats, t-shirts and lanyards. Provide your employees with durable, custom uniforms from your choice of brand name or generic manufacturers. Apply a high-quality embroidery or screen printing of your logo in the size and location you prefer. Custom uniforms allow your brand to dictate value and exhibit professionalism with your prospective clients.


T-shirt with logo
Custom apparel is an effective means to promote your products or services while fostering brand loyalty.