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Your Brand in the Palm of Their Hand

Mobile apps are the best way to reach consumers on mobile devices.  An abbreviation for “application software,” mobile apps are one of the fastest growing online industries.  They originally began as generic, pre-installed programs for e-mail, calendar management and stock market quotes.  Today, consumers can download mobile apps that assist them with banking, dining out, healthcare, productivity, and social media.  Mobile apps have allowed brands to connect with consumers directly and at the most opportune times.


Membership accounts and reward programs can be easily implemented to cultivate and sustain customer loyalty, with incentives designed to increase your average sale.  Periodic alerts based on GPS-location are another way to win new market share.  In short, mobile apps can assist a business of any size in their marketing efforts.  Connect with your consumers like you never thought possible with a custom mobile app for your brand.


What are Apps?

Mobile apps are computer programs that are designed and coded for smartphones and tablets. They are available through distribution platforms tied to the mobile service provider, such as Apple's App Store and Google's Play, which generally take a 20 - 30% of the app's selling price (unless free). Their development time and cost can rival that of a custom website, depending on the level of desired functionality.

Mobile apps, however, can offer a number of advantages that custom websites cannot provide. They connect with consumers independent of their accessing your website. Reward programs are also easy to implement, as the app can track purchases and issue incentives at the scale or schedule you see fit.

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Mobile apps are growing in popularity and usage. It's important for your business to maintain a presence on this medium.

Mobile Apps are...

Apps vs. Websites

Some companies question the need for a mobile app when their website offers all of their information, products and services. While there are many similarities between the two, mobile apps offer several distinct advantages that websites can't duplicate. Mobile apps are generally faster and less cluttered than websites. Many consumers prefer mobile apps due to the ability to access them offline, saving them valuable data usage on their monthly plans. Push notifications, or text messages sent to all app users, are an excellent way for companies to stay connected with their customer base. Mobile apps are the most efficient way to reach consumers on their mobile devices.


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Mobile apps and websites both engage consumers in different manners. Both are essential to your overall marketing strategy and online presence.

GPS-Enabled Growth

What mobile apps lack in function they more than make up in utility. Mobile apps are capable of sending periodic text message reminders or offers that reach consumers in the palms of their hands anytime, anywhere. GPS-enabled notifications are also available. For example, a restaurant could target users within a certain distance of their location with a custom deal. Or, anytime one of their customers visits a competitor, an offer or special incentive can be sent to their smartphone or mobile device before they even have the chance to walk in the door.


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Social media and mobile apps are both great ways to reach consumers on their smartphones anytime, anywhere.