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Launching an App Strategy that Drives Results


The demand for engaging and high-performing mobile apps is growing alongside booming usage. In 2016, mobile user expectations are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Successful apps continue to have significant business impact, while basic experiences underwhelm and turn away users. By leveraging integration, app analytics and native functionality, brands can leverage appas to fuel the success of their omnichannel efforts.

This year, in-app customer spending has reached $116 for every $100 spent on desktop, and mobile app shoppers are converting at 3.7 times the rate of mobile web shoppers. However, in spite of their engagement and sales-driving potential, 20% of mobile apps today are used only once. In 2015, more brands took steps to lay down the app basics, but to reap the benefits of their investment, brands must engage customers beyond the initial download and integrate apps into a larger CX strategy.

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