Friday Focus: Trello


A few weeks ago, we were on the hunt for an online to do list. We had a few requirements that needed to be met. We needed it to be able to work on computers, iPads, and phones. It also needed to have a feature that allows you to share the board with others and have them be able to add to it.

We decided to go with Trello! The boards are great for work and personal life. You can add your coworkers to boards so that you are all on the same page for what needs to be done and what is done.

Here is a list of what we love about Trello:

-You can customize the background of your lists with pictures from!

-You can add people to your board and allow them to add tasks and lists.

-There is an option to put a due date on your tasks.

-You can name the lists on each board anything you want. We like having “To Do”, “Doing”, and “Done” on our boards.

-You can use Trello on your computer and on an app that works beautifully on smart phones and tablets as well.

-All of the features on Trello are super user friendly. This is important because we did not want something that would be impossible to figure out.

-Trello has a free version that has all of the features that you need. It doesn’t cost anything to try so what’re you waiting for?! Give it a try!

Overall, we have great things to say about Trello. We can’t wait to see how it makes our business run even more smoothly. Have you tried Trello?! Let us know!