Friday Focus: Top Website Problems to Avoid

Our goal is to provide our clients with amazing websites that help them thrive and grow. When building a website, it is essential to make sure there are some basic elements in place. Some of the top things we make sure to avoid when building a website are listed below! 

  • Problem 1: Having too many clicks 
  • Our goal is to always build websites that are user friendly. We so not want website victors to leave because they are overwhelmed by the amount times, they have to click to find the information that they are looking for.  
  • Problem 2: Not easily updated 
  • We build websites that allow our clients to update information easily. We make sure they are well informed on how to do it. This is important to us because we like to have our clients be a part of the process every step of the way. 
  • Problem 3: Not mobile friendly 
  • Mobile friendly websites are more important than ever. Therefore, we make it a priority for our clients.  
  • Problem 4: Too much jargon 
  • Websites need to be written for broad audiences. That is why we offer professional website content writing services. 
  • Problem 5: Too much content 
  • We make sure that only an appropriate amount of content is on our client’s websites so that the people that visit their websites are not overwhelmed. 

We have a lot of experiences with building websites, so we take several precautions to make sure our clients have the best websites for their needs.