Friday Focus: Online Marketing

Here at the Childress Agency we want to connect your consumers with you. We have several different ways of doing that but this year we are LOVING online marketing especially. Our clients hire us and we create a custom plan that helps them succeed and grow their businesses.

There are over two billion registered social media accounts, nearly one-third of the earth’s population.  Social media has become an increasingly important factor in marketing, as nearly half of consumers cite social media as influencing their purchasing behavior.

The most beautiful websites in the world are nothing without effective search engine optimization.  Search engines are the highways of the internet, driving traffic to the most relevant, substantive content as determined by a complex, ever-evolving set of formulas and algorithms.  Search engine optimization ensures your website appears higher on the list of generated results via integrated content, keywords, backlinks and locality.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Give us a call today to get started with an online marketing campaign that will help your business thrive!