Friday Focus: Office Holiday Party Ideas

The holiday season is quickly approaching, and everyone gets so busy! It is a good idea to plan your office celebration ahead of time. This will prevent it from being rushed and allow everything to run smoothly. You can modify any of these ideas to work with your office or do multiple!

  • Hot Chocolate Bar

-Whip up some homemade hot chocolate in the crock pot and have everyone bring something to put in it like marshmallows

  • Volunteer Together

-There are so many people that are less fortunate and do not get to celebrate the holidays in the same way that you and your employees do. Take the time to help them out!

  • Go Ice Skating

-Check in your local area to see if this is available to you!

  • Have a Gingerbread House Building Contest

-This is an awesome way to get creative and have some healthy competition in the office.

  • Make a Holiday Photobooth

-Get creative and make memories that can be hung around the office for the holiday season.

  • Have a White Elephant Gift Exchange

-These are always a hit! It is also a great way for your employees to not feel like they have to get a gift for every person.

  • Have a Pot Luck 

-Everyone can bring their favorite holiday dish to enjoy together!

  • Go to a Holiday Painting Class

-This can be a great teambuilding activity that results in a piece of artwork your employees will never forget!

  • InviteEveryone’sFamilies For Dinner

-There’s no better way to spread holiday cheer than to celebrate it with family and friends!