Friday Focus: Marketing Budgets

The need for a marketing budget has changed a lot over time. The way people market is the same but the channels in which they market through has changed! Everything is moving to an online format that allows for a large amount of people to be reached at a lower cost. It can be hard for people to want to put their hard-earned money towards something that they cannot physically touch. We are here to tell you that it is so worth it! We have a plethora of clients that can show you how we have used their marketing budget to transform their business. Every business is different, so we take that into account when creating a marketing plan.

Having a marketing budget allows you to be strategic. You have to think more carefully about what you want your results to be. We can tell you which options fit within your budget and will get the results that you are looking for.

Marketing is directly correlated to sales so why wouldn’t you put money into it? We have seen businesses go from nothing to something simply because they increased their marketing budget.

Your marketing budget should include what you want to spend on branding, websites, advertising, search engine optimization, and ongoing maintenance. There is more to a marketing budget than a lot of people think. The amount of money you choose to spend should be determined by the size of your business and the industry that it falls in.

Is your marketing budget up to date? If not give us a call we’d love to help you take your marketing campaign to the next level.