Friday Focus: Instagram Polls

If you follow us on Instagram you may have noticed that we posted some polls yesterday. If you do not follow us on Instagram that should change! We love growing our little online community (@childress_agency)!

We are going to be posting more polls and open ended questions in the future because we want to get to know y’all better and be able to offer content that helps you and your business grow.

So, what is the purpose of this rather new feature to Instagram?

It allows endless opportunities for quick feedback that you might not get anywhere else. We love utilizing this feature because our followers do not haver to click on a separate link to give us feedback. This means we get more responses and the more data you have the better!

Instagram polls are an easy and fun way to get your audience involved. Whether you are asking them their favorite donut flavor or how they feel about their current website they are being engaged!

Instagram polls should be kept light, fun and simple. You do not want to overwhelm your followers you want to make them feel included

What are your thoughts on Instagram polls?