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Friday Focus: Hashtags


Let’s talk about hashtags. Using the right Instagram hashtag can help you extend your reach, engage with a new audience and even boost your brand’s visibility. But how do you know which to use?

There is absolutely no one-size-fits-all method when it comes to selecting the right hashtag for your posts. We see brands and influencers using very common hashtags, like ‘instalike’ and ‘photooftheday’ because they’ve seen other brands in their niche using them. The truth is, they may do well for you, but you need to know a couple of rules when it comes to hashtag use before you hit that share button.

1️⃣ Make sure the hashtags you use relate to your photo

We wouldn’t use the hashtag ‘foodie’ on this ⬆️ photo because it has nothing to do with food or showing an image of food. We would, however, use the hashtag #instagram because:
1. We are a company that offers social media services
2. The image is of a heart symbolizing a “like” on Instagram

The algorithm is used by Instagram and can not be fooled, so try to remember to keep your hashtags targeted but relevant.

2️⃣ Take note of how many times a hashtag has been used and then find your brand’s “sweet spot”
▪️#photooftheday has been used over 680 million times. If you decide to use this hashtag, it is unlikely that your content will be seen within the popular posts section for this hashtag because you’re now competing with many other images for the “top spot.” However, if you instead use #picturethis which has only been used 153 thousand times, your likelihood of being seen by a relevant audience under this hashtag is much greater.

3️⃣ Know how many hashtags to use
We used to max out hashtags (30) under each post but we’ve recently learned that 9 might be our magic number. 

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