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Friday Focus: Father’s Day

Happy Friday!

This weekend is Father’s Day so we thought it would be fun to round up 5 awesome things to do with your dad this weekend to celebrate.

  1. Is your dad a drinker? Why not pick out a local brewery and go for some family fun with the whole crew? Drink, relax, and maybe even play a game or two!
  2. Hit the course! Is your dad a golfer? Perfect, head on out to a local driving range and hit some golf balls with dear ol’ dad. Fun for you and for him!
  3. Take it to the movies! If you’re a movie fan, chances are so is your pops. Take him to a movie. That way you can both relax, and maybe even get in some laughs together. Then maybe even go for icecream after!
  4. Take him out to the ball game! Is dad a baseball lover? Perfect, head on out out a baseball game! Tickets are inexpensive and we’re sure he’d have an awesome time with you there. Maybe even buy him a beer and a hot dog for good measure.
  5. Gone Fishin’. We don’t know about your dad, but ours always loves to fish. Grab some poles and head on out to a body of water. Want to make it even better, take a cooler of your favorite beverages and of course some snacks. Trust us, he’ll be happy and relaxed just like we love em’!

We hope you enjoyed these fun 5 things to do with dear ol’ dad this weekend! We hope everyone has a fun and Happy Fathers Day this weekend!