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Friday Focus: Blue Light Blocking Glasses

At The Childress Agency we do it all and sometimes all in one day! We are a marketing firm but also a communications firm.  So, from Social Media Management, to Graphic Design, to dynamic websites, and more we have one common thread… all functions of our team require extended periods of time in front of a computer!

Extended time focused on that big screen causes stress on your brain and body.  You can try to combat the headache or stiffness by stretching, walking, eye exercises, or our favorite, the big blue bouncy ball that works like a chair.  By the end of the day, your killer abs are over shadowed by that dull headache.  So how can we get eye relief?

Not only does extended screen exposure cause headaches but it can cause some serious damage to your eyes! Blue light is the type of light that can reach all the way to your retina. Prolonged exposure can cause cell damage and impair your vision.  How about trying some blue light blocking glasses? These nifty inventions block out the blue light that comes from your computer and smart phone screens and protect your eyes from the damage!  We are not salesmen, just speaking from experience.

Brandy, Sarah, and Olivia all have a pair and swear by them, The same pair as a matter of fact!

According to Sarah, “I found that having a job that requires prolonged computer use causes my eyes and head to hurt basically every day. I decided to purchase blue light blocking glasses and they have worked wonders! I no longer dread the end of the day because I don’t get headaches like I used to!” Already wear cheater glasses to look at screens? You can get blue light glasses that have slight prescriptions as well. They come in many different styles to fit anyone’s lifestyle.

They got theirs on Amazon and love wearing them every day at work at The Childress Agency! Do yourself a favor and protect your eyeballs, you only get one pair!