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Friday Focus: AirPod Review

We like to stay up to date on all thing’s technology, social media, and marketing at The Childress Agency. There has been a huge increase in wireless technology and we are all about it! We have tried other kinds of wireless headphones, but our intern, Sarah recently got on board with AirPods.  

Many people were skeptical when they first came out. A fairly hefty price tag for something that is small and could be lost easily? We weren’t convinced. After them being out for a while we began to notice more and more people walking around with little white wireless earbuds in. Having wireless headphones with other apple devices is a lot easier than having to worry about carrying around several adaptors.  

Sarah put together a list of her favorite things about Air pods: 

  • They do not get tangled at all 
  • They use the same kind of charger as an iPhone 
  • The case charges them when they are not in use 
  • They are comfortable to wear 
  • You can customize what you want each AirPod to do when you double tap it (Siri, play/pause, skip) 
  • Each AirPod has a microphone so you can use either one by itself to do things like make calls 
  • They allow you to get up and move around while listening to something 

Have you tried AirPods or any other form of wireless headphones yet? What’s your favorite brand.