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Friday Focus: 5 Things to do Before You Leave Work Each Day

We curated some of the best habits that you should get into before you leave work each day. These will help you feel like you are organized when you leave and refreshed when you return the next day.

  1. Trash: Throw away any trash that is on your desk. This is so simple but it can have a huge impact on how organized your desk is.
  2. Email: Make sure your email inbox is emptied. This will help you feel better about leaving and returning the next day. It makes things less overwhelming.
  3. List: Take one last peek at your todo list to make sure you did not forget anything important or time sensitive.
  4. Plan: Start writing out your todo list for the next day. This way you have time to think about what you need to do the next day and you are less likely to forget something.
  5. Tidy: Make sure your desk is tidy and everything is in the correct spot.

These 5 simple actions can change your attitude in the work place. Give them a try and let us know how they work for you!