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Friday Focus: 25 30 Espresso

two cups of tea

There are so many hidden gems in downtown Fredericksburg. Recently we have been making a lot of trips to one coffee shop in particular. It is just a short walk from our office and we love it! 25 30 Espresso has great customer service, a punch card rewards program, and delicious food & drink options. They even serve cocktails and are open later on weekends! Also, the décor is just darling! We have been making trips part of our daily routine. Stopping into local businesses has been a fun thing to do on our lunch breaks. We get to meet new people and learn about their businesses. This is what we love to order at 25 30 Espresso: 

Gerald’s Favorite:  

Decaf Iced caramel macchiato  

Kendall’s Favorite: 

Alpine berry iced tea 

Sarah’s Favorite:  

Alpine Berry or peppermint iced tea  

Brandy’s Favorite: 

Cold brew with a splash of almond milk or alpine berry iced tea 

(Pictured above Left: Alpine berry tea Right: Peppermint tea)  

Our only suggestion would be for them to sell their drinks by the gallon because we’re obsessed! We heard they are working on a reusable cup and we can’t wait! Have you been to 25 30? If not, you should definitely check it out! They open at 4:30 am during the week, perfect for people that have to make the train for work. We want to challenge you to shop local this summer. Take the time to look for and try new places in your neighborhood.