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While many know that Google a leader in the search engine kingdom, few recognize that the second largest search engine is YouTube.  YouTube processes over 3 billion searches per month alone.  Video content is rapidly growing online, and is expected to consume nearly 70% of internet traffic within the next three years.  Many consumers prefer the comfort of watching video to reading text, and they’re more likely to find video more appealing to share with their family and friends over social media.


Incorporating video on your website transforms the way consumers digest your content while improving your performance and page ranking on search engines.  Transcripts, descriptions and comments on your videos will also boost your brand’s presence on search engines.  This additional data is invaluable to help capture additional, relevant search queries of consumers that may have an interest in your products and services.  Video presents your brand in a fresh, exciting way that’s unmatched by static images and text.


Lights, Camera, Action!

Professional photography and videography presents your brand in the best light (pun intended). Stock images may be adequate for generic thoughts and ideas, but to truly sell your product or service as unique; original, high-quality images are essential. Large, high-resolution images and high-definition video can convey a message much faster and in greater detail than a written paragraph. They have become integral elements in website design, sprawling across page headers and used pervasively to communicate thoughts, ideas and emotions.

Video camera
Original media is an important ingredient in presenting your products and services in the best light.

Customers Expect Video

Video addresses the modern consumers' continuing demands for a better mobile experience. Proper video production will augment your brand's appeal on smartphones and tablets, as video is increasingly consumed over these mediums. 60% of consumers will watch a video of two-minutes or less, while almost 40% will watch for three minutes or more. This provides your business with a valuable opportunity to introduce and promote your product or service to an interested consumer.

Image of video
Today's consumer expects video content on websites of the brands they visit. They're more patient than you think, provided you give them engaging, substantive content.

We'll Create Your Media

The Childress Agency can create the right project to fit a budget of any size. We'll ensure your event is captured safely and professionally (and within any local laws). We'll help you think outside-the-box and demonstrate to consumers why your brand is different. Professional video of quality content also gives your brand the opportunity to "go viral," or become incredibly popular among a wide demographic of users across a variety of platforms.


Camera lens
Need some direction? The Childress Agency can assist in creating eye-catching, appealing video content to promote your brand.