Every website tells a story. What is yours?

First impressions are everything. For any business today with an online presence, your website is often that first impression. The kicker? You have mere milliseconds to catch someone’s attention. A study by the Missouri University of Science and Technology suggested that people create a first impression about a website in .2 seconds or less and it takes 2.6 seconds for a user to decide whether they are going to stick around on that site.

In other words, the visual appeal of a website is crucial to its success.

Every website Tells a Story. What is yours? Design should reflect your values.

Design is so much more than how a web page scrolls or where the checkout button is located (although these are also important considerations.) It is the content, the blurbs, the colors, the theme, the pictures — and just about everything you see on a website.

Websites are always a work in progress – with new content, the availability of new functionality and features – you should always be making updates to your website to ensure it’s attracting the attention of your audience.

Your website is your story – be vibrant, be unique, and share it with the world. Call today, 540-412-5199