COVID-19 Resource Guide for Small Businesses

We want to help small businesses not just survive, but thrive.

That’s why we put together this COVID-19 Resource Guide for Small Businesses to give you the tools and tips you need to succeed and best serve your clients.  

If you want us to do the work for you or just need assistance developing digital marketing and advertising strategies for COVID-19, contact the Childress Agency to talk to our experts.  

COVID-19 Resource Guide Index:

Facebook Business COVID-19 Resource Hub
Financial Resources & Business Loans
Social Media COVID-19 Resources
Video Conference Tools
Additional Resources
Final Tips

Part 1

Business Resource Hub

Their top tips small businesses should follow right now:

Keep yourself safe and informed.  

Follow the CDC and World Health Organization, as well as local government and health agencies online and on social media platforms for up-to-date information and resources. 

Did you know the World Health Organization has partnered with TikTok?  

Stay in touch with your customers. 

Communicate with your clients frequently on every available channel and let them know how you’re responding and adapting to COVID-19. 

Update your hours. Tell them if you’re closed or still open. How can they engage safely with your services if you are open? 

Host online event. 

Go live on your Facebook, Instagram or other social profiles. Take questions, offer advice, and share your policies.

You can also host live webinars or video conferences to directly engage with customers in an open forum or a meeting setting.

Learn more about top video conference tools.

Prepare a customer service plan. 

Be proactive in your COVID-19 response and create a plan on how to help and best serve your customers.

Communicate with them directly or reach out to existing clients detailing your plan and what you will do to support them them during this time and work to keep safety at the forefront.  

Prepare a list of Frequently asked Questions.  

We recommend creating a new page your website with common questions clients might have about your services and other resources during COVID-19.

Can they pay online? Do you have curbside service? Can you set up virtual meetings? How should they reach you?

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Part 2

Financial Resources for Small Businesses

Businesses are hurting because of COVID-19 and luckily there are many resources and grants now available to help.

Explore the financial resources below to see if your business is eligible and apply for a COVID-19 small business grant.

> US Chamber of Commerce’s Coronavirus Small Business Guide

> Guide to Government COVID-19 Emergency Loans

> Facebook Small Businesses Grant Program

> Google Small Business Grants

> Other Google COVID-19 Resources

> Google Resources for NonProfits

> U.S. Small Business Administrations Corona Relief Options

> SBA COVID-19 Small Business Guidance & Loan Resources

> COVID-19 Economic Injury Disaster Loan Application

> America’s SBDC COVID-19 Small Business Resources

Part 3

Social Media COVID-19 Resources

You need to be using social media right now to reassure your customers and update them on your new policies and company changes during COVID-19.

You should strongly consider utilizing social media ads right now. Learn more about why this is essential. Also take advantage of the many free resources social media platforms are offering to assist businesses through this crisis.

Part 4

Video Conference Tools

Video conference tools are essential in the current climate.

Whether you and your colleagues have switched to working from home or you need to implement more online communication to set up meetings and engage with clients while still social distancing, video chats are the way to go.

*Note: Facebook Messenger also has a voice and video call feature you can access from your computer or mobile app, both for one-on-one and group use.

Part 5

Additional Resources

Don’t just put out fires when it comes to your business strategy for COVID-19. Check out these additional resources for further information on how you can stay safe and be proactive in these difficult times.

> Google My Business COVID-19 Posts

> BA Emergency Preparedness Guide

> CDC Interim Guidance for Businesses and Employers 

> Combating the Coronavirus, US Chamber of Commerce

> Implications for Business, McKinsey & Co.

> Information for Communities, Schools, and Businesses

> OHSA Resources for Workers and Employers on COVID-19 

> Get Your Workplace Ready for COVID-19 

Final Tips

Keep your brand top of mind and outshine your competitors online who are likely cutting back on marketing spending.

Your clients need to know how you can still help them despite these struggles, so be sure to communicated with them frequently and honestly.

Contact our team today to create a digital marketing strategy optimized to help small businesses through the struggles of COVID-19.