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Who is Loving Air?

Loving Air is a Virginia-based HVAC company that has been providing full-service heating and cooling services to residential and commercial clients since 2014. When we started working with Loving Air, we first built a custom, SEO optimized website in 2017 before beginning ongoing monthly marketing. Our team continues to assist Loving Air with its website maintenance, SEO, digital marketing, and social media and has also provided graphic design, print, and other traditional marketing service for them in the past.

How Digital Marketing Impacted Loving Air:

In 2020 in particular, our website, search engine optimization (SEO), and digital marketing services have resulted in tremendous growth for Loving Air. As their business grows, so does their digital marketing efforts and online strategies. Paid search, display, and social ad campaigns in particular were a huge part of how Loving Air was able to not only survive but thrive during the early uncertain days of COVID-19.

We hope to continue this growth trajectory through our website and digital marketing services to help Loving Air achieve success and attain their business goals. Take a look at some statistics and insights below on how Childress Agency’s digital marketing and website services have helped take Loving Air to the next level.

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May 2019 vs. May 2020

Looking at the analytics comparing Loving Air’s website traffic data from May of 2019 to May 2020, their site saw a 2,166.67% increase in overall site traffic compared to the number of visitors their site had the previous year.

This number includes visitors from organic traffic, direct traffic, display ads, paid search ads, social media, and referrals.

Our team’s SEO improvements on their website content as well as digital marking campaigns – from paid Google & Facebook ads to organic social media management – were key contributing factors in this growth.

% Increase in Overall Website Traffic
% Increase in Traffic from Social Media
% Increase in New Website Users
% Increase in Organic Site Traffic


Growth during COVID-19

With the onset of COVID-19 and the lockdown that affected so many small businesses starting in March 2020 especially, our team worked with Loving Air to strategically increase their digital marketing efforts through an increased budget, new paid Google and Social Ads, as well as SEO improvements to their website.

By the end of March 2020, Loving Air saw a 736.84% increase in traffic compared to March of the previous year after we doubled down on their digital marketing efforts. This growth was sustained and far surpassed in the following months (see statistics below) while other business struggled to stay afloat.

This not only led to more website traffic but also a practical increase in day-to-day business and revenue for Loving Air, despite the uncertain economic climate caused by COVID-19 and subsequent lockdowns.

% Increase in New Site Users (from March-May 2020)
% Increase in Organic Traffic (from March-May 2020)

After going through several marketing companies we finally found Childress Agency. Sitting down with them and expressing our dream to grow our business they came up with a reasonable plan for branding and growth. After two years of working closely with Childress Agency we have noticed that more people are seeing us as a valued HVAC contractor in our area that could not have been done just alone by referrals.

We also were able to work with Childress Agency through the COVID-19 pandemic and keep our business going through one of the worst times in Americas history. They are always willing to look for new ideas to help our company grow and also let us know the things we may not want to do for there will be no major return on investment. I view Childress Agency as the one of the leading marketing agencies that understand what each area needs to help a business grow and be successful.

— Shane Loving, Owner of Loving Air


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