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Brand Identity

It’s all about good branding.

Your business is just a list of services if you don’t have a brand to give it life and sustain it.

When creating or evaluating your brand identity, ask yourself the following questions:

What key information do I want potential clients to know?

What colors and visuals help communicate that message?

What makes my business unique in my market?


What makes a good brand



Your brand should have a story with a clear purpose – who you are and why you do what you do.



Who is your target audience? Make defined ‘personas’ and tailor your content toward your ideal customers.



What color(s) best reflect your brand’s values or aesthetic? Choose core colors that are stylish yet meaningful.



Are your fonts modern and easy to read? Clear and consistent font sizes and styles are essential for good branding.

Logo Design

Logo Design

Have a clean, bold, modern logo design that catches the eye and is versatile for quality digital and print use.

Do you already have an established brand and style guide?

Great! Our designers will create materials in the existing framework of your brand to produce quality websites and other materials that truly reflect your business.

If not, our team will collaborate with you to build each aspect of your brand through content improvements and strong graphic design.

Let’s Tell Your Story.

Whether you already have a logo and existing brand you want to use, are having a brand identity crisis and need a refresh, or need to build a brand from scratch, we’ve got you covered!

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