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Friday Focus: Branding Trends

Branding is something that we are passionate about here at The Childress Agency. Building brands, including our own is so rewarding. Seeing companies go from nothing to something amazing is our goal! We curated some of the business branding trends for 2018. First, personalize your brand! It is so much easier for a client to […]

Friday Focus: We Moved!

We are excited to announce that we moved! Don’t worry, It’s just across the parking lot! Our new address is 417 Wolfe Street Fredericksburg, VA. As much as we loved our other very LARGE office, it was a little too large and we occupy our new space much better. We are super excited that our new office has a real, […]

Friday Focus: Liberty Pawn & Gold

During this week’s Friday Focus, we are going to highlight one of our current clients, Liberty Pawn & Gold! We pride ourselves in working with so many local businesses. The team at Liberty Pawn is a member of the Fredericksburg Chamber of Commerce with us. We enjoy being able to see them at all of the business after hours events. Making their website […]

Friday Focus: Power Brothers

This blog post is all about one of our clients! We have been working with Power Brothers Exterior Services since the beginning of their company. Their website was a fun project because we were able to help yet another small local business come to life and show their true potential.   They offer a wide variety of exterior […]

Friday Focus: Trello

A few weeks ago, we were on the hunt for an online to do list. We had a few requirements that needed to be met. We needed it to be able to work on computers, iPads, and phones. It also needed to have a feature that allows you to share the board with others and have […]

Friday Focus: D3 Systems Website Launch

We recently had the pleasure of launching for D3 Systems! We were very excited about this one because they are located in Tysons Corner, VA. This is where we recently opened a new office! We have had an amazing time becoming a part of the Tysons community and making new connections.   The D3 team works across cultural boundaries, […]

Friday Focus: 25 30 Espresso

There are so many hidden gems in downtown Fredericksburg. Recently we have been making a lot of trips to one coffee shop in particular. It is just a short walk from our office and we love it! 25 30 Espresso has great customer service, a punch card rewards program, and delicious food & drink options. They […]

Friday Focus: Podcasts

If you haven’t heard about podcasts you might be living under a rock. They are a free form of entertainment and education that you can listen to anywhere anytime! Walking the dog, at work, during a workout, while cooking dinner, seriously you can listen while doing anything. If you have an iPhone or iPad, you should already have […]

Friday Focus: Marketing Trends

We get it…marketing trends can be hard to keep up with, especially if it isn’t your area of expertise. But hey, electricians, hairstylists, and plumbers all need marketing to be successful. We decided to give you a little 2018 update on some marketing trends to keep you in the loop. Whether you do your own marketing, or […]

Friday Focus: Top 5 Ted Talks That You Need to Watch Right Now

In the business world it is always important to stay educated. Things are constantly changing and updating. To stay relevant, you must do the research. I have curated the top 5 Ted Talks that you should watch now to give yourself a little marketing refresher. 1) Scott Galloway: How Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google Manipulate Our Emotions These companies should ring a […]