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Friday Focus: Podcasts

If you haven’t heard about podcasts you might be living under a rock. They are a free form of entertainment and education that you can listen to anywhere anytime! Walking the dog, at work, during a workout, while cooking dinner, seriously you can listen while doing anything. If you have an iPhone or iPad, you should already have […]

Friday Focus: Marketing Trends

We get it…marketing trends can be hard to keep up with, especially if it isn’t your area of expertise. But hey, electricians, hairstylists, and plumbers all need marketing to be successful. We decided to give you a little 2018 update on some marketing trends to keep you in the loop. Whether you do your own marketing, or […]

Friday Focus: Top 5 Ted Talks That You Need to Watch Right Now

In the business world it is always important to stay educated. Things are constantly changing and updating. To stay relevant, you must do the research. I have curated the top 5 Ted Talks that you should watch now to give yourself a little marketing refresher. 1) Scott Galloway: How Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google Manipulate Our Emotions These companies should ring a […]

Friday Focus: Olde Skool Tours

Are you a coffee lover? If so, you won’t want to miss this! Have you ever wanted to try out the best local coffee shops & breweries, or even just brush up on the history of your town? Well that is all available in a fun new way. Olde Skool Tours is located not far from us in downtown Fredericksburg, VA. What the folks at Olde Skool […]

Friday Focus: Blue Light Blocking Glasses

At The Childress Agency we do it all and sometimes all in one day! We are a marketing firm but also a communications firm.  So, from Social Media Management, to Graphic Design, to dynamic websites, and more we have one common thread… all functions of our team require extended periods of time in front of […]

Friday Focus: Welcome Jessica! — new-location

  The Childress Agency would like to welcome Jessica Patrick to our creative team! Jessica is our newest Graphic Designer. She graduated with a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Mary Washington in 2008. She just recently graduated from George Mason University with her Graphic Design Certificate. Jessica has worked in the industry […]

Friday Focus: EventPrep Franchise Give Away!

The Childress Agency recently completed a project that is very near and dear to our hearts; The EventPrep Franchise Give Away Page! With Memorial Day behind us we strive to honor our past, active duty, and retired military members every single day. But what about those that hold down the home front and support our […]

Friday Focus: Welcome Sarah!

The Childress Agency welcomes our newest coworker for the Summer, Sarah Beale! Sarah will bring her skills as a marketer to The Childress Agency as our newest Marketing Intern. She is a rising Junior at Clemson University, where she is majoring in Marketing with a minor in Human Resource Management. Sarah already knows her way […]

Friday Focus: Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon

Fredericksburg will open the streets to runners of the 10th annual, Marine Corps Marathon Historic Half. In years past 7,500 runners have participated in this massive and historic event. The race is famous for its patriotism, historic setting, and the infamous Hospital Hill, which presents a unique challenge for runners with its incredibly steep incline. […]

Friday Focus: Graduation Weekend!

A few questions for Olivia the Intern, before she graduates UMW and  goes off to The University of Auburn to pursue a graduate degree. Why Auburn? They gave me a really strong offer as well as a great program and reputation! Focusing on what?  Communication – rhetorical analysis What will you miss about Fred? I loved living […]