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Friday Focus: Stafford Lawyers

We love showing off the websites that we get to create for our clients. Our clients are great at what they do so bragging on them comes naturally. We recently got to launch a website for Rinehart, Butler, Hodge, Moss & Bryant P.L.C. Attorneys at Law. They are located not far from us in Stafford, […]

Friday Focus: Google Plus Shutdown

Have you heard?! Google Plus is shutting down! Private information of up to 500,000 users was discovered to be vulnerable so they are taking action. Google did not inform its users when they found out about the issue in March because nobody had accessed the information yet.   Basically, there was a glitch that allowed outside developers […]

Friday Focus: Roberson’s Music

We are so happy to announce that our client, Roberson’s Music is celebrating 40 years! The Roberson’s have a strong musical background and are a staple in our community. They love to help others love music and that is one of the reasons that they have been so successful. They have continuously supplied the Fredericksburg area with all […]

Friday Focus: Marketing Budgets

The need for a marketing budget has changed a lot over time. The way people market is the same but the channels in which they market through has changed! Everything is moving to an online format that allows for a large amount of people to be reached at a lower cost. It can be hard for […]

Friday Focus: Instagram Story Ads

If you spend any time on Instagram, you have probably run into an advertisement when scrolling through stories. Some of them are so organic you have to do a double take to realize that it is an ad! The format of these ads is very immersive and exciting.   So, what are these “Instagram story ads” we’re talking about?  These ads exist within the story platform of […]

Friday Focus: The Importance of a Custom Logo

When you think of your favorite successful companies what comes to mind? It probably has something to do with their logo! A good logo goes a long way. A logo is the visual representation of a brand, so it should be something that you invest in!  Logos should be something that a consumer can recognize and recall with […]

Friday Focus: Branding Trends

Branding is something that we are passionate about here at The Childress Agency. Building brands, including our own is so rewarding. Seeing companies go from nothing to something amazing is our goal! We curated some of the business branding trends for 2018. First, personalize your brand! It is so much easier for a client to […]

Friday Focus: Liberty Pawn & Gold

During this week’s Friday Focus, we are going to highlight one of our current clients, Liberty Pawn & Gold! We pride ourselves in working with so many local businesses. The team at Liberty Pawn is a member of the Fredericksburg Chamber of Commerce with us. We enjoy being able to see them at all of the business after hours events. Making their website […]

Friday Focus: Trello

A few weeks ago, we were on the hunt for an online to do list. We had a few requirements that needed to be met. We needed it to be able to work on computers, iPads, and phones. It also needed to have a feature that allows you to share the board with others and have […]

Friday Focus: D3 Systems Website Launch

We recently had the pleasure of launching for D3 Systems! We were very excited about this one because they are located in Tysons Corner, VA. This is where we recently opened a new office! We have had an amazing time becoming a part of the Tysons community and making new connections.   The D3 team works across cultural boundaries, […]