A Gentle Persuasion to Purchase

Optimizing Fears for Higher Website Conversions On a salad, you need to balance the amount of dressing you use. Too little, and the salad tastes bland. Too much, and all you can taste is dressing. Replace salad with websites and dressing with fears, and you’ve got pretty much the same balancing act at work. On […]

No HTTPS? Now You Should Panic!

Starting in January 2017, Google’s Chrome browser will begin marking any page with a password or credit card field as insecure if the page is not on HTTPS. It’s difficult to know just how problematic a change like this could be for website operators, but it will likely prove quite significant – particularly when it […]

What will Google’s New Pixel smartphone do for Mobile SEO?

While Google’s new Pixel smartphone has the best-ever smartphone camera, a battery capable of lasting all day, and unlimited storage for videos and pictures, the mobile device also has under-the-hood capability that promises to revolutionize search engine optimization (SEO). The reason for this is that the smartphone, which includes the ubiquitous Android mobile operating system […]

1st Lt. Jason D. Mann Memorial Hunt

The Childress Agency, Inc. is a proud sponsor of the 1st Lt. Jason D. Mann Memorial Hunt, benefiting The Families of the Wounded Fund this Saturday, November 5th 2016. To learn more about the hunt, please visit: http://www.fotwf.org/mann-memorial-hunt/ The Childress Agency, Inc. is a veteran-owned brand identity and marketing firm based in Fredericksburg, Virginia.