20 Common SEO Mistakes

Listed below are 20 most common SEO mistakes. The days of keyword stuffing are over, content and social media are here to stay. Let us help design a strategy for your business. The Childress Agency has a plan for you.

If you are not ranking as high as you would like to be on Google, here are possible reasons why you need The Childress Agency to re-design your website to improve your SEO:

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  1. Sluggish page speed & response time
  2. Poorly designed Landing page
  3. A website not optimized responsively
  4. Too much clutter above the fold
  5. A website not having a sitemap
  6. Not testing different browser compatibility
  7. Not optimizing for local search
  8. Zero social media presence
  9. Unclear Call-To-Action on site
  10. Not updating old content
  11. Writing content that is NOT benefit focussed
  12. Ineffective outreach strategy
  13. Inconsistent content publishing
  14. Not promoting content effectively
  15. Not using ALT tags for images
  16. Uninteresting headlines
  17. Not creating engaging content
  18. Using boring and irrelevant images
  19. Unoptimized social sharing images
  20. Keyword stuffing

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